Perch fishing in the Kaliningrad region

Snowmobiles and sledges are specially prepared for extreme conditions and fishing places have been tested for 11 years of practice.

Fishing place: Morskoye (~ 7 km from Nida), Diuny (~ 30 km from Nida), Hotel "Morskoye".

Fishing Guide: Laimis;

Fishing cost: 15 EUR; Includes fishing, transfer to fishing grounds (~ 6-8 km from the coast); fishing from the coast;

Accommodation price:700 rub. price per person in a double room, or 600 rub. Price per person in a 3-4 room (bed room booking tel .: +74015041330 hotel "Morskoye";

Meal price: Breakfast - 300 rub. Per person for dinner - 350 rub. Per person.

Fishing 2016-01-21:

P.S. In extreme weather conditions, when it's almost impossible to move a snow motorcycle, we do not go fishing, because we do not want to risk your safety.

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