Cod fishing at the Lithuanian-Russian (Kaliningrad) sea border

This is an unforgettable experience of catching extreme crayfish in the Baltic Sea. We go fishing in an old industrial fishing area with a very diverse bottom (mainly clay and stones). The depth in these places is very high 70-65 m, and it suddenly falls to 30 m. That place is shaped like a mountain in the sea. This place of the Baltic Sea is especially fond of large cod. So it's like a paradise for fishermen in the Baltic Sea :)

Ship will quickly reach this place of the Baltic Sea that has been named fisherman heaven.

  • The fishing takes 12-16 hours.
  • We will provide you with fully equipped fishing equipment.
  • You will have experienced fishing guides for fishing during the fishing season.
  • We will introduce the inexperienced to the subtleties of catching cod.
  • We will teach how to cut the cod fillet.
  • On request, we will have the fish you caught cooked on the grill.
  • At your request we will process the catch (at an additional cost).
  • We will cater for you on board if you wish.

There is a possibility to go fishing for 2-3 days at the Lithuanian-Russian (Kaliningrad), Lithuanian-Latvian maritime border. Then everything is organized exclusively individually, depending on the wishes of the client.

Unforgettable moments with fishing masters ....

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