Entertainment - Fishing ship "Brizo"

Ship "Brizo" in the spring of 2014 was transported from the german port of Barth.

The vessel is fully optimized for fishing and festive activities.

We organize cod and salmon fishing in the Baltic Sea all year round, as well as rent the ship for pleasure trips (banquets, dinners, birthdays, etc.). We are organizing group trips: North Horn - Sea Gate - Port Water Area - North Horn, Klaipeda - Juodkrante - Klaipeda, Klaipeda - Nida - Klaipeda and others.

Entertainment. We invite you to celebrate bachelor parties, birthdays, company holidays, weddings. Ship "Brizo" is an ideal solution for celebrating the most important holidays of your life on board. We sail up to 25 in the Curonian Lagoon and up to 12 passengers in the Baltic Sea. You can have fun with us in three areas of the ship: warm inside, without the wind, under the awning, outdoors or sitting comfortably at the front of the ship. Ship has a toilet, audio equipment, a mini kitchen, a grill. During the cold season, the inside of ship is heated, so you can have fun even in winter.

Fishing. Ship "Brizo" is adapted to all types of fishing in the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. We offer fishing with conveniences. The ship has 10 sleeping places, a toilet, a freezer, a mini kitchen, a grill; Fishers are having tea / coffee.

Traditional cod fishing
Near the shore 5-12 nautical miles from the port gate 8h trip
In the economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania 25-30 nautical miles from the port gate 16h trip
In the economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania Overnight stay at sea 36h trip.
Towing fishing for salmon in the Baltic Sea.
It's an exciting, cool, cozy fishing for a small fishing company, business partners or family. We fully provide fishing equipment and bait. Fish and enjoy the freshest salmon carpaccio right on board!
Fishing in the Curonian Lagoon.
Depending on the season, we fish for horseradish, rye or redfish. When the water freezes in the Curonian Lagoon, Kaliningrad, we organize Perch ice fishing.

In working order

German and lithuanian technical inspection


Powerful IVECO engine, maximum speed of 15 knots/h


Radar; Life rafts and vests for all passengers; Fire protection measures; Thick hull (7mm), withstood several storms in the Baltic Sea; Experienced crew


Double heating system

Suitable for fishing

GPRS receiver; Echalotus; Sonar; Radar; Completely equipped cod fishing equipment; Fishing guides; Equipped with salmon towing equipment



The vessel motors work very quietly, without excessive vibration


10 sleeping places; WC; Good sound equipment; Freezer

Adapted for entertainment

You can have fun in three areas of the ship: inside, under the awning, or in the front of the ship



20 passengers in the Curonian Lagoon and 12 passengers in the Baltic Sea