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The TV Show

For over 10 years already the TV show “Vienam gale kablys” with its presenter Paulius Korsakas, armed in fishing rods and TV cameras, flounces about a number of Lithuanian rivers, lakes and ponds. Among the many other countries, the show was shot in Russian Siberia and Kola Peninsula, in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, and Italy. The goals and aspirations of the show author’s have come true. Today more than a hundred thousand Lithuanians spend their weekends and holidays at a number of lakes, rivers and ponds with a fishing rod in their hands. New fishing technologies, tools, biting fish types and ecological problems have been and remain the core priorities of the TV Show “Vienam gale kablys”. More and more Lithuanian fishermen, especially the young, realize that contemporary fishing is more a fun sports leisure activity rather than an attack on Lithuanian waters’ habitat and population. Among the many entertainment, sports, business people as well as politicians the friends and partners of the TV Show “Vienam gale kablys” are the well known Arvydas Sabonis, Marijonas Mikutavičius, Linas Kunigėlis, Kostas Smoryginas, Rimas Kurtinaitis, Ovidijus Vyšniauskas, Gytis Paškevičius, Antanas Bosas, Saulius Jokužis and others. “Vienam gale kablys” is setting an example for a new fishing fashion – Catch-Release. This is quite a challenge for Lithuanian business fishermen. The Show as well as its author Paulius Korsakas, as many amateur fishermen in Lithuania, sees fishing as a kind of entertaining-recreational activity. This kind of fishing is extremely popular in Europe and is setting its first steps in Lithuania. You can send your suggestions and requests to:

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